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Data Doctor Recovery USB Storage Media

Data Doctor Recovery USB Storage Media Data Doctor removable media recovery software salvages lost data from USB drives USB storage media recovery software helps to get back damaged file like excel workbook (.xls), access databases (.mdb), word documents (.doc), power point (.ppt) from logically crashed external USB storage media. Features: * Removable storage drive files restoration tool salvages undetected photos, songs audio, video clips from inaccessible DSLR camera, memory stick, sD card, xD card etc. * Data Doctor USB storage media recovery utility easily restores

Removable Media Files Salvage Tool USB removable media files rescue tool retrieves deleted images from flash card
Removable Media Files Salvage Tool

storage media. Features: * Software supports all type of file format like avi, mp4, jpeg, rm, DOCX, dat, wav, XLS, jpg, mpeg, wma etc. * Removable media data salvage tool can retrieve office document from inaccessible USB storage devices. * Application recover files from all type of removable storage media and supports wide range of world class manufacturers made USB storage device. * USB flash card data recovery tool rescue those files which corrupted

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USB Port Monitoring Software Network USB Data steal protection utility capture mass storage media activities
USB Port Monitoring Software

USB port data leakage prevention software examine USB connection and capture information about mass storage manufactures name, IP address, storage capacity, plug-in and plug-out status of the USB storage media, unique hardware id and transfer data of any client PC in Local Area Network. USB data theft security software alerts user by playing warning sound when storage device is being connected or removed from any computer.

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Disable USB Port Data theft security tool examine port traffic record plug-in plug-out activities
Disable USB Port

How to block USB port? LAN USB port disabler software is solution for this types of problems that can disable USB ports and block memory stick access. USB storage drive write protector tool records plug-in, plug-out activities over windows network and prevents unauthorized data transfer between client machine and USB mass storage devices. Flash drive disabling tool send sound alerts when USB storage device is insert or remove from local system.

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USB Data Leakage Protection Software USB drive monitoring software prevent unauthorized access of USB device in LAN
USB Data Leakage Protection Software

USB storage device data protection software is real time USB activities monitoring tool that prevent network from unauthorized use of any external removable storage media. Monitoring tool record connected device hardware information, storage capacity record connection / removal date and time with machine name, IP and domain name in log file. USB activities analyzer tool provides sound alert option when mass media is connected or release from any

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Network USB Port Disabler Tool Network USB port disabler tool disable illegal plug in/out of USB device on LAN
Network USB Port Disabler Tool

USB anti data-theft software protects against unauthorized access of data through USB port and continuously monitors every USB activity. * LAN USB data leakage protection tool save complete detail of USB device in html or text file format. * USB drive activity monitoring program provides preview of detail Connected/used USB manufacturer name, Client PC IP address, Storage capacity etc. * USB data steal protection utility is reliable, safe and easily

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USB Port Protection Software USB port activity tracker for system’s connecting on windows local area networ
USB Port Protection Software

USB storage devices on client machine in real time as well in offline mode. Features: * Records client’s device IP address, insertion or removal date and time of removable storage media etc. * Alert on server by generating beep sound when any USB device is connected or released. * Administrator can enable or disable any client machine access permission of USB port in LAN. * Offers real time monitoring of the USB mass storage device activities on

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